A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Pioneering space travel took amazing teamwork, brilliant minds, precision engineering, and a buncha science. Now you can do the same thing, but with a buddy and a bunch of junk you found on the ground! Also, you’re raccoons. Turns out, the real space odyssey was the friendships we made along the way, and all this random trash we cobbled into a spaceship. 

Chill, casual 2 player couch co-op about fun, friendship, and garbage. Scavenge for trash treasure and build a spaceship, then blast off and and co-pilot your beautiful junk masterpiece while fending off space hazards by pelting them with rubbish. We are all trash held together by friendship.

Hook up one or a couple XBOX or PS4 controllers to your computer

Stage 1 - Use joystick + A/square to move and pick up/drop trash. Drop all trash into the drop zone to complete your ship. 

Heads up if you’re playing co-op! If one player hits A/square, it triggers pick up or drop for BOTH players, so coordinate, endure the confusion, or mess with your friend however you want!

Stage 2 - Player 1 uses joystick to steer up+down, Player 2 uses A/square to shoot. Watch out! If you’re hit, it’s back to the build phase.

Thanks for playing!

Produced by:
Michael Biggers - Programming
Bobby Brace - Programming and Scrum Management
Jessica Dungca - Art and Team Lead
Jordan Hamann - Art and Animation
Erica Lee - Art, SFX, and UX Research


Space Junk.zip 29 MB
Space Junk OSX.app.zip 31 MB